Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sexting: Government intervention?

I feel I must weigh in on this hot topic. Sexting. The act of sending a sexy text sometimes containing nudity or suggested nudity to a friend or significant other. Approriate? Probably not. Something the government should step into? Definitely not.

Teens aren't the only ones guilty of this trend. I'm aware of a story where a grown man was fired for sharing a nude picture with a coworker. The wrong person walked by and saw the cell pic and reported him. He was fired on the spot.

I do agree that this has become a problem with the teenage crowd but to that I say what do parents expect when they give their teens or even younger that kind of freedom. Hand your 11 year old a cell phone and never check back in on him? or her? That's like giving your teen a computer in their room and not monitoring what they are looking at. You are asking for trouble. When I was a teen the only freedom I had in my room was a cable TV and yes I did sneak and watch shows I wasn't allowed to watch. Many times I was dropped in on and told to change the channel.

So I say, Shame on you parents for giving your child freedom with no guidelines. Teens need guidelines. Teens are full of curiosity and they are just finding themselves sexually. Of course they are going to be curious and push the limit. It's the parents job to pull that back in and teach their child what's appropriate and what's not. If they aren't acting right with their cell phone then take it away! A cell phone is a privilege no

And I do feel bad for the girls who send a nudey pic of themselves to their boyfriend only to break up and have the picture spread across school. But at the same time I put yourself into that position. You let a teenage boy snap your picture or YOU sent that picture to a teenage boy. This should be common knowledge that it it's a good idea.

Reading about law enforcement or government passing legislation about sexting just makes me annoyed. I feel this is a parenting issue and people just need to step up and parent. Monitor what you teen is doing. Make sure they are using the gifts they have been given appropriately or take them away! Cell phones and computers are not rights! They are privileges.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Public apologies

Let's talk about Tiger Woods. The strong opinions expressed below are mine and mine alone. If you don't agree with me sorry I'm not changing my mind. :)

I feel that private life should remain private, Tiger has put his on display and therefore opened his life to public comment (just like the Duggars but I won't open that can this post at least :) )  and so I must comment on it.

Tiger is a douche. I think his apology was just a publicity move to appease his sponsors and managers. If he were really sorry he wouldn't have had MULTIPLE affairs with strippers and hookers! These weren't just the desperate housewives next door some of these people were professionals!  MAYBE you could make an excuse for an affair or two (My husband couldn't but maybe some could) but you definitely can't make a good excuse for double digit affairs. That's doesn't happen by accident. 

If he were apologetic he would have admitted his affair (not plural) to his wife and they (if she chose) could have worked through it BUT once you commit double digit affairs with hookers and strippers it's time to hand over your millions and move out. 

His wife is not only entitled to his millions but she should also be allowed to smack him a good time with his golf club. Good for her for chasing him out of the house with a club. (No Tiger we don't buy that she didn't hit you with it) I think if she had run him over with the car he was driving I would still be thinking 'That's what you get.' 

And as for the former exotic dancer who now wants an apology from Mr. Tiger for  the public embarrassment she's suffered I say ..... Deal with it. You slept with a married man. This wasn't just a married man you met at a bar with no wedding band. This was Tiger freaking Woods. His wedding was national news. The birth of his children was national news.  If I were Tiger's wife after I beat him with the club I would be hunting you down too. You don't get to cry on national TV over the embarrassment that has come to you. If anyone should be crying over embarrassment it should be Tiger's WIFE..... Her husband just slept with all the hookers and strippers in the Tri-county area while she was at home raising two babies!

And for those that suggest sex addiction......I call foul. That's just a cop out for selfish men who were caught.

So Tiger......I as a representative of America, whom you were addressing, do not accept your apology. You are still a douche. Admit your mistakes and go back to your golf course.

Elin if you were my friend I would carry the golf clubs for you while you went to beat him with them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super bowl fun

I love hosting theme parties. Any excuse to buy fun decorations and dress my house of for the occasion, I'm ready. Each year we throw a small super bowl party for my husband's friends. This year we just so happened to find really cheap Colts shirts at Old Navy. We live right across the river from Indiana and they love their Colts. Mark and I aren't necessarily Colts fans but I feel the T-shirts help make the party. Every year we try to have one theme item. One year Mark made football shaped brownies. Last year he made a football shaped cake. This year we had no time for theme food so it was the matching shirts (I'm all about matching shirts.) I don't know what next year will bring as far as party decor or themes but I do know our baby will be right in on the action! I can't wait to start finding the perfect party attire for our little one.