Friday, April 30, 2010

Gathering twigs

Well the baby's room is painted and now I'm starting to gather things for him. It's so much fun. We knew from the beginning if we had a boy we would use Mark's old toy box. If we had a girl we would have used mine. I had the Little Tikes Strawberry box and Mark had the very boyish Little Tikes football and luckily both our mom's had saved them. So we hauled his box out of his mom's attic and now it sits in baby's room waiting for treasure to go inside.

I started searching rummage sales a few weekends ago looking for great 'finds' for the baby. I came across an old Little Tikes elephant! I scored the cute little thing for 10 cents! It was pretty dirty but I think with a good washing and a magic eraser I'm sure it will look great and be the perfect outside toy to take for a day in the park. I'm really excited about it and found on ebay that it's part of a set so I'm on the lookout for the other animals that go with it.

THEN I scored the other weekend when my mom and dad were cleaning out their attic. We found a Little Tikes car in the same style as the elephant. It's in perfect condition and my brother agreed to loan it to his new nephew :) So it will go on the shelf in baby's room just waiting to be played with once he gets big enough.

I can't wait to get out there and start rummaging and searching again! It's my summer hobby.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

We have a ...

BOY!!!! We found out Monday and we couldn't be happier. 

I settled into the ultrasound table and was waiting to catch the first glimpse of baby. I was a little nervous. It was like waiting on the heartbeat all over again. What if it was gone!? I was a ball of nerves. As soon as I glanced over at the screen I saw it...boy parts. I KNEW we had a boy but I didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong. But it was everyone in the room but Mark. 

She asked us if we wanted to know or wait a few minutes. Mark was chomping at the bit...he wanted to know NOW. She said BOY. And Mark said How do you know? And then Mark got an anatomy lesson ending with her putting an arrow pointing to his little boy parts. She printed Mark out a special picture with the arrow included :) 

I'll admit...there were a few tears of happiness leaking out at this point. I think I even saw a few come from Mark :) So now we are left with the big decision...What do we name him!!!???