Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stick with the book

I went and saw My Sister's Keeper tonight and I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a few weeks ago. Having read both books way before I saw the movies, I'm left with a few thoughts. The book is ALWAYS better.

The first movie I remember seeing based on a book was Circle of Friends. This was probably early high school. I LOVED the book. I devoured it whole and was super excited when I found the movie at the library. I immediately checked it out and took it home and watched. Very. dissappointed. Such a let down. I never got over it.

Not only when seeing a movie based on a book do you have to understand that they WILL change things (sometimes your favorite parts) but there are other important things to point out. When you read an unbelievable part in a book, you can reread it immediately. Over and over if you choose. Words can really suck you in and take you to another place. And if you aren't ready to leave that place, then read it again. While a movie can make you cry and provoke instant emotion, it's gone as soon as that scene has left the screen.

True if you have rented the movie you can rewind it but it's not the same. When you enter that place with a book it's easy to block out the 'real world.' If you are in a theater or even in your home there are multiple distractions. There might be your husband or kids right there with you. Even the dog may be sitting there watching you. Watching your reaction, judging your emotion and seeing you laugh, cry or even swoon over what's happening on the screen. When you are reading a book, while you might be in the same room with someone else, they are more than likely not reading the words you are reading. It is more of a private situation. It's you and the book. You and the story. You and your own world you have created.

I love when a story makes me laugh out loud or even when it makes me cry uncontrollably (like The Notebook, When I finished that book I had to call Mark, who was my boyfriend at the time, and he sat on the phone with me as I read the last chapter. The Notebook was the first book in my life that really made me cry.) . When I'm finished with a good book, it can make me feel so complete for that one moment. Sometimes I want to share it with a friend and I'll suggest it to everyone who asks me what I've read lately (this happened when I finished Twilight) or at other times I might want to keep it to myself for the time being. But a good book really needs to be shared.

While everyone who knows me knows I love a good movie. I won't pass up a chance to go to the theater or to Blockbuster, but my one true love is a good book. There is nothing like being in that place that you create for yourself using someone else's words. A movie creates it for you but it's so much more when you create it for yourself.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's get cooking

I'm about to start reading Julie & Julia a memoir written by Julie Powell.  Julie attempts to tackle learning to cook from Julia Child's cook book. An amazing feat. 

Starting this book is causing me to think back upon my attempts to cook. I'll share a few instances with you all.

Mark and I had not been married very long when this first incident occurred. I was making dinner for us. It was probably the first married dinner I had made. It was some kind of past dish (I've blocked most of the details from my memory). Mark wanted garlic bread to go with the pasta dinner. He told me to put the bread in the oven and set the oven to broil. In the meantime, one of Mark's best friends showed up at our house. So now I had an audience for this cooking debut. Well I left the bread in the oven on broil for a bit. Finished the pasta and all of a sudden our smoke detectors started going off! Plus smoke was actually rolling out of our oven. Mark ran into our kitchen fanned the smoke detector and was able to get the alarm to stop. While he was doing this, I opened the oven and discovered that our bread was burned black. Then while I could hear Mark's friend in our living room laughing, Mark gave me a lesson on how to use a broiler. And from that moment on, I have not been allowed to do much cooking around our house.

Many of my other cooking attempts have gone off in much the same way. Once I mixed up the macaroni and cheese powered 'sauce' with some potato 'sauce.' My brother still likes to point this out. One Thanksgiving a cousin and I decided to make a cake. The cake was so horrible my 80-year-old grandfather was the only one who would eat it and I question the state of his taste buds at that age.

And the last event I'll share. I was going to make a lemonade cake. It require lemon cake mix, concentrated lemonade and powered sugar. Sounds easy enough right? Well I made the lemon cake and then I was supposed to poke holes in the cake an pour the lemon-sugar mixture all over the top. Well I poured a layer over the top of the cake and then had lots left in the cup so I continued to pour until it was empty. I iced the cake and put it in the fridge. I took it to my grandmother's house and served my family. I think I made their mouths permanently puckered. 

So with the reading of this book, I think I might break out into the cooking world again and see if I can improve upon my lacking skills. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Musical thoughts

I absolutely LOVE Dolly Parton. (Go ahead and laugh) Every time my iPod shuffles through her music I think to myself 'Gosh why don't I have more Dolly on here!?' This was the case about 10 minutes ago when her duet with Kenny Rogers, 'Islands in the Stream,' came up. Dolly is even one of my first music memories! 'Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That' is one of the first songs I remember singing along to in the car, that and various Randy Travis.  

I know this isn't a 'normal' blog post from me but I just had to express the happiness hearing a Dolly Parton song brings me. I really think everyone should have at least one of her songs on their iPod! 

On a related but unrelated note - Did anyone watch 18 Kids and Counting when the Duggars went to Pigeon Forge? Michelle Duggar was seriously breast feeding while standing on the front of a parade float and waving! I'm all for women's rights and all but my goodness! That's just awkward! I know, I know - she has that tent thing that covers her, but still! I'm open to all differing opinion on the topic! Let me know what you think.

More vintage planters

I got my first ebay purchase in the mail today. I was super excited to open it and see that it was all the vintage baby planters I ordered! I absolutely LOVE them. Mark is going to be so excited to come home and see them all. (not really) My favorite is the little lamb. I plan on definitetly keeping that one and the others I'm going to put back to use as centerpieces when I throw baby showers. I love to throw a party and every party needs a theme. Vintage planters is going to be mine!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tutu much

I finished some more tutus! These tutus are super easy to make and don't require any sewing. I made tutus for my Dallas cousins this last week. They loved them and looked gorgeous in them. I have to post pictures.

26 going on 80

I'll admit it. I'm an 80 year old trapped in a 20-something year old body. Even when I was 18 I knew this. I bought a purple shawl to take to prom with the intent that one day I would use it when I was in my rest home. I just picture myself at 80 with my purple shawl around my shoulders as I stroll down the halls limping behind my walker. (This is also the reason I keep up with my scrap books. I figure when I'm 80 and in my rest home, Mark and I will look at the books and remember everything we did together. I'm betting we'll have forgotten all our fun times by then.)

Usually being an 80 year old trapped in a 20-something year old body isn't so bad, but when that said '80 year old' marries someone with modern taste then there can be a problem.

Case in point. Our kitchen's decor consists of MANY chickens and roosters. I LOVE roosters. Mark HATES roosters. But I win because when we first got married Mark worked at night so I would 'decorate' while he was at work. I heard him tell someone once 'Everytime I come home from work there are MORE chickens in there!'

I'm including a picture of a shelf with some of my favorites from the collection.

Another side effect of being an 80 year old trapped in a 20-something year olds body is liking all things 'vintage.' My aunt just gave me this great old sewing box. The trouble is when you get someone's old stuff it usually needs to be cleaned. This particular sewing box had been sitting out in a barn for who knows how long. I cleaned for an hour on it and while it looks much better, it is still dirty! The dirt has gotten down into the stitching on the gold border.

Another example - I've become ADDICTED to planters. I just ordered a whole set of vintage baby planters off of ebay. (I'll post a pic when I get them) But I just scored a great giraffe planter from my brother's wife. It was in her great-grandfather's house. I absolutely LOVE it. Mark again.....HATES planters.

What's a girl (with a love for all things old lady) going to do?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rummage sale Rummage sale (in sing song voice)

I made a few stops this rainy morning and some rummage sales. The first stop I got this adorable Cabbage Patch for my niece. It's in brand new condition. I think it was probably just used as an Easter decoration because it was sitting out with other Easter bunnies and I saw no children's toys or stuff. Plus when you shake it, it chirps!! The CUTEST thing ever. I would have bought it brand new for her and I only paid $2.

The last sale I stopped at had these cute Dr. Seuss collectables. The Thing 1 and 2 is in perfect condition. I paid only $1. The Cat in the Hat has part of it's bow broken off but I'm going to cover it with some red paint and don't think it will be too noticable on a kid's bookshelf (one day). I love my 'finds' and can't wait until next weekend.