Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Worth every second

I just put the boy to bed. I asked for a kiss. I received the sweetest, sloppiest, most open mouth kiss of my life.

I sit back and think about all the tears I shed. All the prayers I sent up. All the temper tantrums
I threw. All the hours I spent online looking for support, tips, answers. And every tear, prayer, fit, piece of information was worth it.

I spent 11 months trying to get pregnant. Eleven crazy, tantrum filled months. And just when I was ready to give up for the time being I found out I was pregnant. Forty weeks and 2 days later I gave birth. And still didn't get to hold him right away. But from the minute he was handed to me all those hours after labor I immediately connected to him. He was immediately mine.

And now 9 months later I look back and realize I would shed every single tear again. I would throw every single fit again. I would have every single jealous thought, hateful thought toward every other pregnant girl I encountered again. All those stressful months made Mark and I the parents we are today. And we are so appreciative of the gift we received.

Thank you Nesties (you know who you are) for introducing me to the language of fertility and essentially my boy. Without support of 'friends' and Taking Charge of Your Fertility I would still be a bitter old mess.

Our first meeting

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