Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's been a year

Tomorrow marks one year from my due date (Not that I actually delivered a baby on my due date. That would come days ... what felt like weeks ... later.) I remember it so clearly. I remember sitting at work and angrily working on the paper for my due date thinking .... This is totally not fair. 

I remember my due date coming .... I remember it going. 

I remember the day after my due date when the doctor told me it looked like we would be sticking with our induction date.

I remember later that night after eating a giant buffet and deciding the best place for me would be Wal-Mart.

I remember my water breaking. In Wal-Mart. In the baby section.

I remember waddling my big butt to Wal-Mart's bathroom while my mom was in hot pursuit.

I remember my twin brother and his wife with the look of confusion on their face while all this was happening.

I remember pulling my shirt down over my butt and waddling as fast as my giant swollen feet would take me out the door of Wal-Mart.

I remember INSISTING on going home first. 

I remember telling them at the hospital ... I think my water may have broken but I'm really not for sure.

I remember the feeling when my water OFFICIALLY broke at the hospital. And thinking ... Thank God THAT didn't happen at Wal-Mart.

I remember the feeling of excitement waiting for things to get started so my baby could be here.

Then I remember the pitocin ... and things changed.

I remember Mark finally getting there after work all smiles while I was in the middle of a pitocin contraction.

I remember the epidural. 

I remember LOVING the epidural.

I remember Merrick being born.

I remember Mark leaning down to lovingly whisper to me ...

What's that honey? NO his head will not ALWAYS look like that!

I remember my new world clearly like it was yesterday.

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