Saturday, April 18, 2009

April showers

My friend is getting married in that popular wedding season of June. Being the good bridesmaid that I am, I'm helping the maid of honor plan a bridal shower. We started planning many months ago and nailed the theme down pretty quickly. Now it's approaching one month out from the shower and I'm getting nervous about it all coming together. We decided we would bake the cakes our self for the shower and picked a night a few weeks ago for a practice run. We made a white bridal cake with raspberry filling for one and a lemon Bundt cake for the other cake. Being the impatient baker that I am, I took the lemon cake out of the pan too early and it fell apart. I pasted it back together with icing and it held up fairly well, but it still held no candle to the white raspberry cake. I always remembered Bundt cakes being larger when my grandmother made them when I was growing up. Maybe it was my rudimentary baking skills (but that is a topic for another post) So Bundt cakes are out and layer cakes are in! The layer cake was a hit so we will be making both flavors in a layer cake. That means that the night before the shower we will be baking cakes and then bright and early on the day of the shower we will be icing the cakes while we set up! Super nervous about getting it all together! But the best tip I learned while practice baking was to put the cake in the fridge to let the icing 'set', it comes out hardened and not runny.

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