Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh Subway......I hate you.

There are like 10 Subways in my home town. (Maybe a little inflated) Mark and I are not meant to eat at any of them. I don't know if the workers see us coming in the door and are like 'Oh it's that one couple! We must do something disgusting or rude to scare them off!' I would like to rundown our adventures to Subway.

It all started one afternoon when we thought we would break from our traditional McDonald's run to get a healthy lunch. We park. We enter into the Subway closest to our house and upon entering the establishment we should have walked right back out the door. But No we stayed to watch. When you enter this particular restaurant the restroom is right beside the door and straight across from the restroom door is the door to enter behind the counter. There's the set up. So when we come in we notice there is something going on to our right. ALL the employees are gathered around the bathroom door. This we note is strange. There is another couple in the Subway eating. So upon further inspection we notice there is one girl flinging a pee stick around about in front of her exclaiming 'OMG I'm pregnant!' Yes you read that right. She took a pregnancy test while at work, while there were customers inside eating and within full view of ALL who walk in off the street. Then we hear another coworker  who is standing beside the door to the counter say to another 'Well we have to believe her this time, we saw it with our own eyes.' And then they go back behind the counter to take our order. And all Mark and I can think about is the possible pee particles that have been flung throughout the air around us.

Then we have a few minor infractions: The guy at the Wal-Mart Subway dragging a trash bag across my sandwich and looking at my husband cluelessly when he is asked to make me a new sandwich. And we have this gem: My husband goes to Subway wearing a purple shirt (Now Mark is 6'4 and not one to be teased) when the boy behind the counter proceeds to sing the Barney theme song to him. Mark is not amused and the counter boy doesn't understand why. 

And that leads up to today's infraction. I stand in line at Subway while people are eating all around me. There is only one girl working I guess and she is counting down her drawer. I watch her count a large stack of one's twice, not even looking up to acknowledge me. When she is finally done counting, she walks over pulls out a paper to put my sandwich on and proceeds to ask me what I want. There was no washing of the hands and no putting on of gloves. Straight from the stack of filthy ones to my potential lunch. I tell her I'm not ordering and leave.

So Mark and I have determined that this is it. We aren't eating at our hometown Subways ever again. We've already marked the local Taco Bell off our list and now we are adding Subway. It's back to McDonald's I go.


  1. oh my goodness. Hope that McDonalds is better for you!

  2. Local Taco Bell is just disgusting (and rude). I only go to the 'good' Taco Bell across from the mall.

  3. Oh my. Yea, I think its safe to say that Subway and you don't mesh well.