Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Baby flutters

Last night the most amazing thing happened to me. I felt the baby. 

I was sitting there watching random TV when I realized what felt like little bubbles were popping in my belly. It hit me......it was baby. I'm not for sure if baby was trying to tell me that my pants were way too tight (which they were) or if baby just wanted me to know it was there, right under the surface just waiting. 

Whatever baby was trying to tell me, it was the most amazing 60-ish seconds of my life to date. I didn't think there would be a moment more amazing than watching that digital pregnancy test turn to pregnant but I was wrong. Last night sitting alone on my couch feeling little bubbles of happiness in my belly was the single most greatest moment of my life :) 

All I could do was gather Mack on the couch and cry over the joys that are to come.

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