Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food: It's all I think about

This is what I came home from work to last night. ICE CREAM. I just stuck my spoon right in and got to work. Then I spied the pancakes....then I found bologna and cheese. Sometimes my memories of heartburn and indigestion get thrown to the side and the want for food out weighs the desire to sleep soundly.

I seriously think about food constantly. Seriously. It's a MAJOR part of my day. My favorite things these days : Eating at Los Bravos (fav. Mexican restaurant), Wendy's baked potatoes and cheeseburgers, Happy Meals, Sonic milkshakes, donuts and Coca Cola. I would have a little of all that in one day and be a happy camper.

Even when I've just eaten lunch, I'm already starting to think about 'That may not be enough, I better take a snack.' I've called Mark from work and said 'You MUST bring me food RIGHT now.'

The only drawback I've found to this constantly thinking of food business is it leads to indigestion. I HATE indigestion. HATE IT. EVERYTHING causes it. So some nights I just go with it. My need to eat is overshadowed by my fear of the dreaded indigestion.

The only think that I feel guilty about is that all I want is stuff that's bad for me and nothing that's good. And that's why I've gained 27-ish pounds already :) Oh well I'll worry about it come October and by then it will be sweater season :)

Here's a picture to show you what all those donuts are doing to me.

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