Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maternity session

I had so great friends agree to take me around town this week and snap a few pictures of my giant belly. I was expecting them to take me to the park and snap a few and that would be all. Well little did I know my friends were taking this task SERIOUSLY. Evidently they researched maternity pictures so they knew what to do! As I was making us a big pitcher of ice water to take with us (It's VERY hot in Kentucky this time of year) I could hear them in the baby's room. They were raiding his room for props! Now the pressure was on. These girls were taking my simple little photo session into serious hard core business!

Off to the park we went. As expected it was HOT!! So we did some pictures and then one of them had the brilliant idea I stick my feet in the fountain! AMAZING! I could have stayed in the fountain the rest of the time. After the fountain we headed to a train depot. I had to nix the idea of me walking on the actual track. One look at the gravel leading up to the track and thinking about my bare feet on the track I had to say 'I don't think so.' I don't question the pictures would have been cute. Just no one wants to see a giant pregnant girl running from a train.

After that session we HAD to stop for lunch. Even though it was only 10:45 a.m. these girls was with an 8 month pregnant girl. Lunch was inevitable. To McDonald's we went. Once I was recharged we headed to our state park. It was HOT and HUMID! But we got some great pictures. And THEN I discovered the AIR CONDITIONED bathroom! Who would have thought a state park would have a public air conditioned bathroom!? They almost had to send a search party for me. I was in Heaven.

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