Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get with the program

In honor of my friend who's wedding is right around the corner, today's topic is going to be a money-saving tip for wedding programs. This would also work for any event where a program is needed.

For my wedding in Nov. 2006, I wanted these super cute programs from this really adorable (shall remain nameless) stationary shop. I was told that I could order these super cute programs a month before the wedding. (My wedding was Thanksgiving weekend) So a month before the wedding I went to order said programs. The stationary shop girl laughed at me. I was beyond unhappy.

After going home and having a 'freak-out' to my fiance, we decided to try to make programs ourself. I gathered all the information I wanted my program to include. (Attendents, music, parents, memorial to family members) I typed up all the information and then played with the fonts. I included our initials at the top of the program. We opted for our programs to be lengthwise on a normal sheet of paper. So for each piece of paper we got two programs. Our programs were front and back. On the front was the service information and on the back was all extra info.

Then once we had everything how we wanted it, we took our sample to Kinko's. At Kinko's we picked out a nice heavy paper and they printed and cut all the programs for us. The grand total was $35. This was by far the cheapest wedding purchase we made. And they were perfect. I would suggest designing and printing your own programs to all brides.


  1. Hayley, Thanks for following my blog! I've enjoyed reading yours. I had no idea you were into quilting! I sewed and quilted a lot before I got into soapmaking. Do you do everything by hand? I would never have patience for that! All my quilting/piecing is done on the machine.

  2. Hey Lucy! I was excited to find your blog too! I love quilting! I do everything by hand except for sewing on the binding. I'm not very advanced, I just make 'patchwork' style right now. I'm hoping to venture out soon.