Thursday, May 07, 2009

Summer must-have

I'm super excited about my little flower garden. We live in rental property so there isn't much we can do with our space. Mark won't let me do that much either since we won't be here permenantly. (We did paint our bathroom blue but don't tell our landlord!) So last summer I decided to fence in a little area around our patio and plant flowers there. I bought spring mums last spring. They were so little and cute with yellow blooms. Well all summer long I watered them with bloom booster. The little yellow spring blooms fell off and I kept watering the green plants left behind. All summer long a few times a week I watered those mums (and all the rest of my flowers) with bloom booster. I know the instructions tell you only 7 to 14 days but I couldn't resist. Then in the fall when the mums start to bloom again my little garden mums burst out with blooms! I have already started my blooming plans on the greenery that's popping up from the mulch!

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