Sunday, May 24, 2009

Letting go

Once again I'm developing attachment to a quilt. While I'm piecing the top of a quilt I'm so excited about giving it away. I can't wait to finish it so I can wrap it up and present it to the person (or baby) in question. But something happens while I'm quilting it ... I get so attached I want to keep it for myself. Granted these quilts I'm currently making are really small and have some type of baby print to them. The current one even has Elmo on it. Once I get the whole thing finshed and the binding on it I'll be ok with giving it away again, but while it's in my quilting hoop I have such a strong attachment to it. The one I'm currently working on I plan on giving to a new little cousin who we are waiting on the arrival.

After I finish this quilt I have two more cut out or almost cut out. They are also baby quilts and I really love both patterns! We'll see if I'm able to give them away! I also have two that need binding! I have a ton of quilting to do in the upcoming months.

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