Sunday, July 19, 2009

26 going on 80

I'll admit it. I'm an 80 year old trapped in a 20-something year old body. Even when I was 18 I knew this. I bought a purple shawl to take to prom with the intent that one day I would use it when I was in my rest home. I just picture myself at 80 with my purple shawl around my shoulders as I stroll down the halls limping behind my walker. (This is also the reason I keep up with my scrap books. I figure when I'm 80 and in my rest home, Mark and I will look at the books and remember everything we did together. I'm betting we'll have forgotten all our fun times by then.)

Usually being an 80 year old trapped in a 20-something year old body isn't so bad, but when that said '80 year old' marries someone with modern taste then there can be a problem.

Case in point. Our kitchen's decor consists of MANY chickens and roosters. I LOVE roosters. Mark HATES roosters. But I win because when we first got married Mark worked at night so I would 'decorate' while he was at work. I heard him tell someone once 'Everytime I come home from work there are MORE chickens in there!'

I'm including a picture of a shelf with some of my favorites from the collection.

Another side effect of being an 80 year old trapped in a 20-something year olds body is liking all things 'vintage.' My aunt just gave me this great old sewing box. The trouble is when you get someone's old stuff it usually needs to be cleaned. This particular sewing box had been sitting out in a barn for who knows how long. I cleaned for an hour on it and while it looks much better, it is still dirty! The dirt has gotten down into the stitching on the gold border.

Another example - I've become ADDICTED to planters. I just ordered a whole set of vintage baby planters off of ebay. (I'll post a pic when I get them) But I just scored a great giraffe planter from my brother's wife. It was in her great-grandfather's house. I absolutely LOVE it. Mark again.....HATES planters.

What's a girl (with a love for all things old lady) going to do?

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