Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Musical thoughts

I absolutely LOVE Dolly Parton. (Go ahead and laugh) Every time my iPod shuffles through her music I think to myself 'Gosh why don't I have more Dolly on here!?' This was the case about 10 minutes ago when her duet with Kenny Rogers, 'Islands in the Stream,' came up. Dolly is even one of my first music memories! 'Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That' is one of the first songs I remember singing along to in the car, that and various Randy Travis.  

I know this isn't a 'normal' blog post from me but I just had to express the happiness hearing a Dolly Parton song brings me. I really think everyone should have at least one of her songs on their iPod! 

On a related but unrelated note - Did anyone watch 18 Kids and Counting when the Duggars went to Pigeon Forge? Michelle Duggar was seriously breast feeding while standing on the front of a parade float and waving! I'm all for women's rights and all but my goodness! That's just awkward! I know, I know - she has that tent thing that covers her, but still! I'm open to all differing opinion on the topic! Let me know what you think.


  1. I like Dolly too. I am not a BF expert, but I would think she would have fed the baby before she got on the float. I have it DVR'd so I will have to watch it.

  2. You have to watch it! I thought the same thing! Didn't she think about feeding BEFORE she got on the float?? She must just feed on demand but still, a little planning would have been better in this case.

  3. I didn't watch it, but hey, when a kid needs to be fed, it needs to be fed! I would rather have ppl look at my while I'm BF (of course with a cover) then having ppl looking at me with a screaming child.

  4. I totally agree that when a kid needs to be fed it needs to be fed but it seems like if you knew you were going to be standing on the front of a parade float then you were try to plan accordingly. But maybe I'll feel differently when I have kids.