Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bring on the snow

Today I woke up to whiteness. Mack and I went out for a romp.

I LOVE the snow. I HATE to drive in it. I knew in advance that it would be snowy today so I prepared my ride to work in advance. I CAN NOT drive in the snow. I can't. Panic attacks, tears and yelling is involved when I venture out on my own in the snow.
It all started when I was attending the local community college. Before the college I was a fearless driver......or my twin drove me about in the bad weather. One faithful day it was snowing and I had to get to my morning class. So I started out for school. I made it most of the way without incident UNTIL I got to some kind of parts store. This is where it took a turn for the worse. I slid off the road.

I didn't just slide off the road, I slid in slow motion. I thought I was never going to stop sliding. Then I looked up and what did I see? A pole. I was sliding right into a telephone pole! Right as I was about to plow (in slow motion) into the pole my car stopped. I was within an inch of that pole and crying. My life had come to a stand still. As I tried to regain my composure and was frantically calling my husband (then boyfriend) to come pick my butt up I looked up to see an old man in that parts store. Was he coming to check on me in my time of need? NO he was standing in the window laughing hysterically at me!!
To make matters worse Mark wouldn't come get me! He had already spun around in a complete circle and told me I could make it to the college where he was. I made it to that college alright and parked my car there until my reliable father and brother would come get pick it up for me.

And from that point on I can't drive in the snow.

Later that year I remember sitting in the college parking lot with snow flurries falling around me and me on the phone with my mother begging her to leave work and come get my butt! But no she wouldn't she just yelled at me to 'Get a grip on myself and be an adult!' The nerve! It pretty soon became known to my fellow classmates that if it was snowing, Hayley wasn't coming to class.
So today I enjoyed the snow from the passenger seat of my dad's truck. Tomorrow I may have to drive myself, tears and all.

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