Friday, August 20, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times part 2

Again, I'll try not to make this too graphic or gross but it is a labor story :)

So water possibly breaks at Walmart and we head home. I call the oncall doctor who before I even get my story out says 'If you think your water has broken then go to the hospital.' But don't you want to hear what happened!!?? Nope go to the hospital.

So off we go. My mom, dad and me. My brother and sister in law close behind us. I'm still in denial but take my stuff with me just in case. I keep saying but I tested negative this morning!

So we check into the hospital and they send me up to labor and delivery. I have to ride in a wheelchair. I'm embarrassed because I'm sure this is another false alarm. My dad takes my picture in a wheelchair and sends it to Mark. (Mark's at work and can't leave unless I'm seriously in labor because he doesn't have many days to take)

I get to my room and the nurses tell me to go in the bathroom, take off my clothes, pee in a cup and put on a gown. 'ALL of my clothes??' I say. Yep. Can't even leave on my sports bra. I should have known right then I wouldn't be happy about all things to come. So I get the gown on and start to pee in cup. Now this is very hard when you are 40 weeks pregnant and leaking something. I kept bending over to wipe whatever I was leaking off the floor. I didn't want to leave a mess!! Little did I know.....

So finally ready and come out and climb on the bed. Nurse checks and says 'Yep it's your water.' WHAT!! Seriously this is happening!!

It's now 9:30 p.m. I debate on what to do about Mark. Nurse tells me she doesn't think the baby will come before 11 a.m. And she'll let me know if she thinks I need to call Mark and get him there ASAP. I talk to Mark at 10 p.m. on his dinner break and tell him I'm fine and he can probably work until 2:45 a.m. no problem. (I'm in NO pain at this point) So he decides to tough it out at work so he doesn't have to use a day just to watch me sit there.

At midnight they start my pitocin. By 1 a.m. I'm telling the room.....this isn't comfortable anymore. By 1;30 I'm telling the room I don't really like my nurse anymore because she keeps coming in and turning up my pitocin. By 2 I'm in some pain. By 2:30 I'm miserable. By 2:50 I'm telling my mom to call Mark and find out where he is. He's getting in his car. It all goes down hill from there. They gave me some Demerol in my IV to take the edge off because like the dummy I am I decided Mark HAD to be there before I could have an epi. I was afraid it would hurt and I needed him there for support. Stupid idea.

The Demerol did NOTHING. We're talking took my pain from a level 8-ish to a 5-ish for one contraction and then right back up to a 8 or 9. By the time Mark got to the hospital at 3:30 I was thrashing in pain, gripping the rail and sobbing. I was two contractions from screaming and I'm not a screamer. My mom and sister in law were with me. I don't think my sister in law said a word the whole hour and I kept tell my mom not to talk to me.

Mark came in VERY happy and excited right as a contraction was starting and all I said was 'DON'T. SAY.A.WORD.' Then we got the epi which wasn't bad at all. Compared to the pain of the contractions it was awesome. It seemed like it took forever to finish. Once I got it I was checked again. I was already at 7 1/2 which explains all the intense pain I was having. Lucky I got the epi when I did. The nurse had already told me at an 8 I couldn't have it.

Things got much better. I was able to talk with Mark now and be excited again. At 4:30 ish I was checked again. I was at a 9 or so and they started talking about calling the doctor. At 5 they decided after calling another nurse in that I was complete and they called the doctor. Mark and I were so nervous. It was happening. One nurse predicted I would have him by 5:30.

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