Friday, August 20, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times part 3

Again.....trying not to be too graphic.

So the doctor comes in and suits up. He has me push a few times. Says....It's going to be another 30 minutes, takes off his gear and walks out. Mark and I just looked at each other.

So now the nurses have me push. Which I must interject without my two labor nurses I would NOT have been able to get this baby out! No joke. So they have me push or teach me how to push. Let me tell you...that's hard work especially when you are numb from the waist down. I don't know how many times my nurse yelled 'Pretend like you're pooping! Use those same muscles!' Well who thinks about what muscles they use to poop??

So I push with them for awhile. And I cry. I felt like I was frustrating them. They inform me that by no means am I frustrating they just can't be nice at this point or I won't get the job done.

So I pull it together and back comes the doctor. Time to get to business. Real pushing begins again. Doctor informs us that I have a protruding pelvic bone or something like that and the baby is basically stuck behind it and I have to push him past it. Great.

Let me describe the instructions I was receiving at this point. Push like you are pooping. Get mad. Pretend you are doing a crunch. Hold the back of your knees. Keep your butt down. Chin down. Relax your thighs. Relax your face. Hold it for a count of 10 (a slow count) Take a quick breath. Now do it again. Quick!! All these instructions were yelled from my bedside by my short nurse who was standing on a stool and holding my leg.

By the end Mark was basically holding me into a crunch position every time I would start the process. I just couldn't' support myself anymore. I still wasn't getting him out though. So the doctor had to resort to the dreaded vacuum. He said he would only do it for a minute or so at a time and then we would have to resort to something else. I knew that meant csection. So with all I had and all Mark had he pushed. Me pushing and him holding my back up into that crunch position. I knew it was now or never. I pushed him past that bone!! One more and out he came.

And then I flopped back. Exhausted. They told me to lean up and look at him. OMG that just came out of me. The doctor took him over to his nurses and began to put me back together.

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