Monday, June 15, 2009

Here comes the bride

This past weekend was the first big wedding of the season. I have two more to prepare for this summer. This was the biggest for me because I was a bridesmaid. I learned so much this weekend about being in a wedding. (One of them being, I will definitely boss a groom around :) but that's another post)

The first thing I learned was probably the best part of being in a wedding. You get to take your flowers home to enjoy! My wedding flowers were beautiful! And they are going to sit out in my house until they die!

The next thing I learned was more of a wedding tip. Bring comfortable shoes! Every moment I wasn't getting my picture taken or walking down the aisle, I had my Crocs on. I was worried at one point I might forget to change out of them.  And my feet thanked me at the end of the night!

The last lesson is definitely just a tip. This tip is for the wedding rehearsal. Make fun practice bouqets. Everyone love ribbon flowers! We saved all the bows from the bride's showers and used them to make practice bouquets. They make the rehearsal pictures super cute! I did them for my wedding and I made my friend do them for hers.

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