Saturday, June 06, 2009

Officially becoming a 'Monica' part 1

I had a great time at Relay last night. I found my aunt's luminary and walked around the track with my cousin. It was a great night. Until the games began.

That's right I broke down and played some games. Most of my family and some of my friends know that I am highly competitive and a sore loser. I like to win. I hate to lose. If I lose or start to lose I may throw a fit or quit or both and then pout. So in the spirit of the night I decided it would be great fun to participate in the games that took place around 3 a.m.

And the fun began.

The first game I played was a scavenger hunt. My cousin -20, a team member - roughly 22, another team member, around 10 or 11 and myself - a out-of-shape 27-year-old all joined up to win! Well one team member had to sit in a chair and all the other team members lined up behind then designating that they were on a team together. Cousin sits in the chair and I get behind her ready for our first item to find. 

(It must be pointed out that this game was taking place on the 50-yard line of the football field. All the campsites surround the football field. Once you get your item you have to be the first to go find said item and rush back to the 50-yard line. Last team back is eliminated)

Well once we are all here waiting the 'judge' (I use this term loosely and like to call her out-to-get me grump or OTGMG) OTGMG announces that the person who sat in the chair gets to sit there and wait for other team members to bring back items and hand them off. Great! I didn't make the right choice. Oh well that's ok. I'm going to WIN! 

So the first clue is announced. Wallet ..... with SS card inside! OMG where am I going to get that you aren't supposed to carry that around with you! But cousin in chair yells 'IN MY PURSE IN BACK OF MOM'S CAR' And I'm off! I run 50-yards through kids playing football to the end of the field, across the track into the tents and to my aunt's car! (Who is asleep in said car and alarmed to find me flinging open car door) I rummage through cousin's purse and come out with wallet. Not even stopping to check on card I dash back through the tents and across track, through the football playing kids and across 50 yards to get wallet with card inside to cousin sitting in chair. As I'm running I can see cousin and cousin's friend yelling at me. Thinking I must hurry I pump my arms as fast as I can and go at top speed to 50-yard line. I fling wallet at cousin and immediately fall over to catch my breath only to find out I beat everyone back (by minutes) and they were trying to tell me I could slow down and not move into warp speed. Whatever I came in first in round one!

Now all the other kids make it back and we move onto the next item. I'm listening.....and it's a frisbee! I know exactly where that it! I run (at semi-warp speed) back through playing kids, across 50 yards, over track and to the tents where I grab frisbee (promising strangers I will return it) and fly back across track and 50-yards and kids playing football. As I'm running (flying) back to cousin in chair I see her yelling at me and this time realize that she's saying I can slow down. As I start to slow down then she switches her thoughts and says 'NO SOMEONE'S CATCHING UP!!' So I switch back to warp speed and barely be to cousin in chair in front of 14 year old sprinter! But I made it again! I'm first! WHOO HOO I beat you all! 

Last item. It's between my team and a team full of junior high and early high school gazelles. As I try to regain my composure because frisbee run has wiped me out 10-year-old team member says 'Don't worry I'll go with you this time and run the item back to cousin in chair.' I'm like great sounds awesome. So OTGMG tells us to go find nail clippers! I look at cousin in chair and yell 'WHERE ARE THE NAIL CLIPPERS?!' She's like I have no idea you'll have to go find some. So I hobble across 50 yards, through kids playing football, over the track and into the tents all while yelling at strangers that I NEED NAIL CLIPPERS! While they are searching their various bags, I run to aunt's car, wake her up again by banging on her window while making a clipping motion with my hands and yelling 'DO YOU HAVE CLIPPERS!?' She doesn't. So finally someone finds some in their car and hands them to me and I hand off to 10-year-old with healthy kid legs. He starts running for cousin in chair and I start crawling back to cousin in chair. 

WE LOST!!!! Stinkin' 14 year olds beat us! I knew better than to play a game!

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