Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's get packing

Well it's time for a Key West update. Monday I began my packing. I tried on all of my potential outfits. (I had to make sure I looked good in the pictures!) I made sure everything I needed was washed and dried. Then I packed. I packed my wedding attire in my carryon (along with my swimsuit and extra skirt for when I get off the plane.) Everything I packed fit in a nice neat corner of our suitcase. 

So once I got to work I sent Mark a email telling him I was ready to go and he needed to get out all of his clothes to take and pack them in the suitcase while I was at work. When I got home from work last night did I discover that we were ready to leave for Key West? NO I did not. He did nothing. 

So after complaining all last night, I began packing him myself today. So all day before I went to work I matched outfits for Mark to wear. I tried to think about what he would want to wear to ach event and what shirt he would like to wear with which pair of shorts (he has a different system he uses when trying to see what matches) I got all of his underware and undershirts packed away in the suitcase. All that was left was for me to put all those carefully matched outfits away once Mark glanced at them and gave the OK.

So on my dinner break I made him break away from his Xbox and come back to the bedroom to look at the piles of 'perfectly' matched outfits and OK them to be put away. He takes one look at them and starts asking for shirts that aren't out on the bed. And starts moving the stacks around. He wanted different shirts to go with shorts I had picked. Was there any appreciation for the time and energy I had put into those 'perfectly' matched piles? NO there was not. 

But oh well finally he made his own stacks and I loaded them up and put them into the suitcase before he could change his mind. 

So now all of our clothes are packed away and I'm just waiting on some large freezer bags to put our shampoo and body wash in before sticking them into the suitcase. But as I look at the jam-packed case I wonder to myself. ..... Where is my blow dryer going to go? 

I might have to repack tomorrow! :)


  1. Have fun in the Keys. Its flipping hot here in FL and I'm sure the Keys will be hotter.

  2. Thanks! I can't wait. We went to the Tampa area a couple years ago in July and I remember it being ridiculously hot!