Saturday, June 06, 2009

Officially becoming a 'Monica' part 2

So after scavenger hunt defeat you would assume I had enough 3 a.m. games right? Wrong.

A surprise game is about to take place. So cousin, 10-year-old, and other cousin and his friend decide to play. I've found some water and breathing has returned to normal at this point. Out-to-get me grump or OTGMG tells us the rules to this new game. We have to have one player run and get balloons and take them back to the group. Then the group must blow up balloons and tape them together making a tower. The person with the tallest tower wins. Sounds easy enough and there is no running. So I'm in. I'm ready to win.

Well first OTGMG tells us we will have to share masking tape with other groups because there isn't enough for each group to have their own. Fine whatever. So I start with a roll of tape. OTGMG starts the time! Group member runs out and grabs balloons. Brings them back and drops them in the middle of our circle. I start pulling off big strips of tape and passing them around. OTGMG yells that we must pass our tape to another group. I pull off one more long piece and pass mine on to the group beside me. We all start blowing up balloons. I take a deep breath and blow into my red balloon. I almost pass out. I feel the stadium start to spin around me. Great I'm not recovered from my marathon! 

So we start by taping four balloons together as a base. Then we start taping balloons one on top of the other. (These aren't average balloons. There are regular, water balloons and long skinny balloons. Of course we grabbed a bunch of tiny water balloons.) So we start piling our balloons up and we get a really tall tower. OTGMG calls time.

We look around. OTGMG announces that it's between our group and another group of 14 year olds. Great. There tower is between two chairs which appears to be propping it up. I, of course being the Monica that I am, point this out to OTGMG. Then OTGMG wants us to move our tower over to their tower to compare. Well that is an injustice! Why do we have to move our tower and they don't I ask OTGMG. She ignores me. So we move it over. In the course of moving our tower, it starts to droop. Great. Now our tower is even with their tower. I continue to say ours is tallest and it isn't fair that we had to move our because it fell a bit. ALSO upon further inspection of 14-year-olds tower we notice that they have wrapped theirs in tape. WHAT!!?? (Do you think Monica would not point out that we were supposed to pass our tape on and didn't have enough time to wrap tape around all balloons? No she would not! She would loudly call foul, just as I did. OTGMG did not care.) At this point someone's mother is glaring at my team and saying how they think 14-year-olds' tower is tallest. And all other teams jump on this bandwagon. OTGMG decides not to find measuring device or think for self tells us the everybody votes for them so they win. 

WHAT! Cheated again!!! And to top it off 14 year olds give us a smug look as they walk past with their free prize T-shirts. 

And it is all I can do to remember I'm at a family, charity event and not run up and grab T-shirt away from smug little girls and run off (as this is what Monica would do). So what do I do instead? I quit playing games and go pout at my campsite. I knew there was a reason I don't play games.

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