Monday, June 22, 2009

Home safely

Well I made if through the first plane ride! I took half a Xanax my sister-in-law gave me. (This is very out of character for me. I DO not support taking another's prescription) I took the half pill about 30 minutes before we boarded. It did not kick in until landing.

Once we boarded I proceeded to read the safety brochure. I learned what to do in a crash or water landing. I was devouring the safety brochure when Mark looked over and saw what I was reading and promptly made me put it away. (e did not feel it was good for my nerves or his.)

I was pretty nervous during takeoff. I felt a few tears escape and I think I made permanent nail indentions in Mark's hand but I made it into the air. I sat by the window and watched the wing. Interesting.

Finally I settled in with my book and neck pillow and got a soft drink. I slept for a bit and before I knew it it was time for the decent. After my short nap I guess my pill took effect because I loved the landing. I kept trying to get Mark to look out the window at all the swimming pools. Evidently it was bumpy and I didn't realize because he was very nervous once we landed.

My pill didn't wear off until after we made it to Miami to buy beachtowels. I was a 'fun' Target shopper that day.

More on the rest of the trip and pictures next time.


  1. I HATE sitting by the window. I get air sick all the time and dramamine is my BFF!! I can't wait to see pics!!!

  2. I'm so glad you survived! Flying makes me nervous but I do enjoy watching everything out of the window!