Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Possible meltdown coming

In 12 hours I will be on my first ever plane ride. 

I'm starting to freak out! I was ok. I've been fine. No big deal right? WRONG! It started as a strange feeling in my stomach and it's progressed to me feeling vaguely like I want to throw up!

This happened to me once before...... The infamous Mammoth Cave event. I was fine. I was excited to go in the cave. I kept telling myself 'If Mark can fit I can fit, if Mark can fit I can fit.' Again I was completely fine ... UNTIL I got on the bus to take us to the entrance of the cave. I know have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had while on that bus. At the end of the bus ride there were tears in my eyes. I figure that will come when we make it to Nashville. I'm waiting.

Want to know how that bus ride of doom turned out? Mark entered the cave in front of me (Remember if he can fit I can fit?) I started going down the winding staircase into the pit of the cave when I realized I was crying (uncontrollably) and my legs where shaking to the point my knees started to give out. About this time I hear Mark say 'You are doing so ......' And at that point was when he turned around and looked at me and never got out the word 'great.' He could see me in mid-meltdown. 

That's right at the beginning of Mammoth Cave I began my meltdown and it didn't end until we were exiting the cave. At one point I started to calm down  but then they turned the lights off to show us how dark a cave really is. I could have made it my whole life without seeing the darkness of a cave. 

So with this in my memory I encounter my first airplane ride. Let's hope this feeling in my throat goes away in the next 12 hours, otherwise I'm (Mark) in for a long plane ride!


  1. You'll be fine! People fly every day and you're actually safer in a plane then you are driving a car to work every day. Don't let your fear keep you from enjoying your trip!

  2. That's what I keep telling myself! But all logic goes out the window when I become crazy about something! I'll be OK once we land :)

  3. Hayley, It makes me a little nervous to fly too, but once you get in the air, it is so fascinating - all the things you can see from the air! Hope you can get past your anxiety and have a great trip!