Monday, September 28, 2009

And it's that time again

It's time to start getting ready for Halloween!!! It's my favorite holiday mainly because I get to get my large collection of Frankensteins out of the attic and decorate our living room and kitchen. That's right I have enough creepy decor to extend into multiple rooms of my house.
Frankenstein is my favorite character to use while decorating. I don't know if it's that frightful green complexion or the resemblance to my husband in body frame but there is something about that tall green man I love.
This year is going to be an even greater Halloween because my good friend and I are hosting a Halloweenie Roast. We are having our very first adult costume party and Mark and I have the best costumes ever!
Mark and I are going as Herman and Lily Munster. We spent all day today gathering parts to Mark's costume. We found him a head piece that is the top of a Frankenstein head and a brown blazer. We found the perfect blazer at our local Goodwill. Mark was hesitant about going to a used store to find the jacket (he can be even more neurotic than I am at times) But it's a good thing we went because this jacket is perfect for $5. Of course we bought it and then he promptly drove straight to our dry cleaners, asking me on the way if I thought they would 'run it through twice.'
So now we have to find all shoes that we can screw blocks of wood into to make Mark even bigger than what he is now. Mark is 6'4 and I'm 5'3 so we feel we are the perfect couple to portray Herman and Lily.
Mark is pretty much set for the party. I know some may wonder how I talked Mark into gluing a faux-front to his forehead and painting his skin green but Mark and I are very competitive and when he sets his mind to something he goes all out. So Mark wants to make sure he has the best costume of everyone at the party and that he looks accurate. And that's how I ALMOST have him talked into painting his fingernails to go along with the theme!!!
So now I'm really excited about Oct. 31. I'm going to a costume party AND I'm going to have a real, live Frankenstein! It's going to be a good night.

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