Thursday, September 03, 2009

A few dislikes

I thought I would spend a few words to go over my likes and dislikes. I would just like to personally reflect for a few posts.

1) Holey underware: I just can't stand it. Mark seems to think that unless it's falling off of him then it's still OK to wear. I'm sorry, it's not. When I do laundry and I see holes starting to develop it's straight to the garbage can it goes. I feel that it would be a reflection upon me as a wife if he were to be in an accident and the emergency officials were to see his holey underware. I would die of embarrassment while he would be trying to fight to keep them from cutting the things off him.

2) Sledding/winter sports: I hate the cold. While I LOVE to look at the snow and LOVE to walk about in it, I HATE to sled. Sometimes I'll forget this burning hatred and think 'It would be wonderful to rid down a hill at deathsped on a small piece of plastic' Then I go and try it and remember within one pass down the hill I HATE TO SLED. This I feel boils from when as a child I was forced to sled down a hill with a 3-year-old stranger. As we were making our descent a child of around 5 stood screaming in our path. I yelled for her to move, her sibling told her to move and she continued to stand and scream. Of course there is no steering on these death mobiles so plowed into her we did. The 3-year-old had a blast and me, I was scarred for life.

3) Green peas: I hate green peas. They remind me of mush. They just melt into a mushy mess while in your mouth. I can't deal. As a child I tried to disguise them in a roll but still the mush lived on. 

4) Driving: I was the first of my friends to get my license. It was fun at first, then they finally got theirs an I gave over the driving responsibility and never looked back. I think part of my hatred stems from getting lost EVERYWHERE I go. I seriously have gotten lost coming and going from my grandmother's house on multiple occasions and she lives in the same town I do. Plus I have horrible night vision and it makes for interesting navigation. 

5) Ewan McGregor: There is just something about him I find creepy.


  1. I would like to share a few comments on your blog.
    1) You are hilarious.
    2) I love reading your blog.
    3) :-)