Monday, September 14, 2009

Day one

I just finished Day One of my 30 Day Shred workout. OMG I think I'm going to die. It's only a 20 minute workout but it's continuous. There is no stopping to even breathe. I had to pause it to go get water. From this painfully hard level one workout I have learned that I am WAY too weak to do push ups. They were almost the worst part. My stick arms are like little toothpicks trying to hold up a bowling ball when doing push ups. Now I'm super exhausted. I should have just gone for a walk. Hopefully it gets easier and I see results. Otherwise I'm going to be an unhappy camper for the next 30 days.


  1. It does get easier. I can't do it everyday bc I'm so sore from the last workout. I try to do it every other day. And I'm so afraid of level 2, lol. GL!

  2. hahaha! You just made me laugh out loud. Don't worry, Hay - you can do it! I have confidence in you. :)

  3. Oh Shawna it better get easier!!! I tried to take a picture of my exhausted self to post with this entry but I looked too horrible.

    J I'm glad I could provide you with humor for the day.