Thursday, September 03, 2009

Social commentary

Recent events in my life have led me to reflect on what is acceptable. I recently posted a news link on the pregnancy of Michelle Duggar. I feel this family has put themselves in the public eye. They allow camaras into their daily life to chronicle their growing family. I'm sure they are aware that their family is strange to some. It's definitely large by today's standards. They homeschool, which is also controversial to some. She obviously is a fan of public breast feeding as I've pointed out in previous posts.

This family isn't stupid. Jim Bob was a Congressman for goodness sake. They know their lifestyle is viewed as strange by some. I really don't think that is news to them. I give them credit for putting themselves out there and broadcasting their way of life. Most 'normal' families wouldn't welcome that kind of attention.

I feel with opening you home to TLC and allowing them to film multiple seasons of your hit TV show (which aren't they against TV?) then you should expect people to be talking about you. Some good and some bad. I think that goes with the territory.

I'm sure my Facebook wall is not the only place that this debate is going on. If people are discussing it on my Facebook wall then I can guarantee that it's being discussed on a much larger stage somewhere.

So let's get to my opinion. I think it's crazy to have 19 children! There's first the obvious. You have to go into labor with 19 children. The thought of laboring with one child terrifies the crap out of me. Seriously. When I start thinking about babies and such (as I'm about to be 27 that's only natural) I block labor and delivery from my head. I think about the 'joys' of pregnancy and planning for a baby and then I immediately jump ahead to having the baby here in our house. I don't dwell on the unknowns of labor. I keep it far from my mind. And I don't want to know of it at this point! I'm on a need to know basis with labor and delivery. Now Michelle Duggar definitely knows about labor and delivery. I just really can't imagine pushing a large item out of your vagina getting any easier with 19. I just can't.

Next on my list of opinions is the Duggars do'nt make it a secret that they pair their children up, the older ones with the younger ones. So now the older ones have the responsibility of caring for the younger ones. So who's Michelle caring for? Oh yeah the baby hanging off her boob for all photo opts, even the strange ones (like being the hood ornament for breast feeding while being filmed for your TV show and going down the main street of Pigeon Forge while on a parade float) But I'm not going to even touch the breast feeding card. I"ve already covered that in a prior post. I just think fine have kids. Have as many as you want and can care for. I think each child should receive equal treatment. I just don't think she can pay equal treatment to each child every day, breast feed the baby AND also teach her children. (What teacher could bring her young children to school and care for them and teach their class at the same time?) But that's going to be my only thought on teaching at home. I'm not looking to start a fight.

Now having made all these personal observations about the Duggars I'm left wondering is that my rite? Should I keep my big mouth shut? Or as the person implied who de-friended me from Facebook, am I not representing Christ by even typing these feelings?

I think I am in the right by commenting and I think I shouldn't keep my big mouth shut and I definitely think that even by expressing my opinion about not agreeing with the Duggar lifestyle that that doesn't reflect upon my personal relationship with God.

I feel the Duggars have God in their life, and I know that I have God in my life. Because I won't choose to raise my family in the same manner can we not both believe and support God? I think we can both of very spiritual lives full of love for God. I think this 'de-friender' took issue when I interpreted scripture in a different manner than she and her family interprets it. I think this is where the 'de-friending' came into play. Am I not allowed to have my own opinion? Can I not interpret scripture in a different manner and still have God in my life? Must everyone follow the same rules when it comes to God and following Jesus?

I think if we all followed the same rules we would be drones moving toward death at the same pace. I think as long as our goal is the same. That of loving God, honoring God and reaching Heaven when it's all said and done then why should you care that when I read a passage I get something different out of it.

I'm still left pondering and wondering.


  1. I completly agree. I watch the show and I have to give props to the the Duggars, they do a pretty good job raising their children, not living off the government, not asking for handouts, children are not out there doing wild and crazy stuff, etc. But on the same note, it stings a little when here is one women having 19 children and there are people out there who are struggling to have one.

    I sometimes wonder how the children will be later on in the real world when they are not with their parents. In some eposides I watched it was like they had no clue about things (baseball for example). I know they are against tv, but I am hoping that they are keeping their children in the loop on some real world things. I wouldn't think it would be too good for a child to be too sheltered.

    I think we all have the right to state our opinion and have the right to interpret scripture differently like you said. The Duggars interpret scripture differently then me for sure, but that is their right. I agree that as long as our goal is the same what difference does it make.

    I wish them all the luck.

  2. Hayley,

    I just discovered your blog but now I intend to become a regular reader ... I don't really have much to say, I just wanted to let you know.

    Lots of love your way,

  3. You're so right, Hayley, and good riddance to the person who de-friended you because they couldn't take hearing an opinion different than their own.