Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keeping mouth shut

A recurring fight in the our house would be over laundry. I wash, dry and put away almost every load. Every now and then Mark will wash and dry his work clothes or a load of towels. He NEVER puts these away. They wait in the dryer, on top of the dryer or in a basket until I come along and find their proper spot. He will NOT touch my clothing. He MAY put them in the dryer but he will definitely never put them away. 

So imagine my surprise last night when I came home from work and found Mark had cleaned the house, including putting ALL of my clothing away. Upon further inspection I found that he didn't really put anything where it belonged. There are shorts in the shirt drawer, Pj in the shirt drawer, shirts in the Pj drawer and socks in the completely wrong place. My normal nit-picky self would loudly proclaim 'Hey you didn't put ANYTHING where it belongs' but luckily something came over me and I thanked him for putting all the clothes away and  then reordered my drawers when he went to work today. 

Am I really learning to Keep My Big Mouth Shut? Possibly but probably not I figure it was a fluke. :)

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  1. Oh, you have to master the art of keeping your mouth shut or he'll never do anything! My husband refuses to fold our towels properly when he does the laundry and it drives me nuts to have a disheveled linen closet but I just remind myself that if I say anything he'll use it as an excuse to never do the laundry.