Thursday, September 03, 2009


(These aren't necessarily in order and only a sampling of all things I life.)

1) Opening a brand new book: There is NOTHING like getting a new book and reading it for the first time. No bent pages, no crease in the spine, no food on the pages. Perfect condition. I like this condition so much that I try to keep my books as new looking as possible and even refuse to let Mark read them. I offer to go to the library and check out Harry Potter for him but there is no way I'll letting him near by beloved paperbacks. I also prefer this condition for my magazines.

2) Hippos: This actually classified as a love. They are so cute with their little wiggly ears. I refuse to believe that they are dangerous. And I also choose to believe that they are in fact purple when in the wild.

3) Knee socks: Best. Sock. Ever. I will wear my knee socks up until the last moment of cold weather. I can now not function in winter without them. If you look closely through my facebook pictures you might even notice one with me in a bathing suit and knee socks. That one wasn't supposed to make it into the public but friends are liars when it comes to posting embarrassing pictures of you on their facebooks.

4) GAP outlets: There is something about discount jeans and camis that really makes me happy. I can't leave a GAP outlet without a full bag of clothes.

5) 75 % off Christmas decorations: I love all holiday decorations but I love discount Christmasware the most. There are things that become super cute when you are only paying a quarter of the price for them. I also like to look for stuff I can use during the regular time of year. I got a great big roll of green wrapping paper that I've been wrapping all birthday gifts in this year and a bag of bows in non-Christmasy colors. Plus I shop for all my first of the year birthday gifts during this time. Seriously, my favorite shopping days of the year!

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